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MIKE HUNG Group International Co. (MIKE HUNG Products Co., Ltd.) established in 1982, is a diversified company venturing mainly on Sports Caps, Election Caps, Election Items, Flags and Banners, Vests, Sport Shirts and Jerseys, Company Uniforms, Activity Uniforms, Garments, T-Shirts, Jackets, Eco-Bags, Accessories, Customized Gift Items/Accessories, Solar Power Products, Lighting Facilities and LED, Heavy Equipment and Machineries, Farming Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Food Processing Machineries, Packing Equipment, Food Preservation and Freezing Machineries, Auto Parts, Bikes, Chalks, Colored Chalks, Drawing Pens, Crayons, Imported Stones, Jewel, Gems, Jewelries, and all kinds of import & export items (trading).

MIKE HUNG Group subsidiaries are: MIKE HUNG Products Co., Ltd., Chia Chi Fashion Dresses Co., Ltd., Miko Industrial Co., Ltd., and San-San Boutique Co., Ltd. We are a professional manufacturer specialized in chalks manufacturing, custom-made garments and customized items, and even committed in research and development, design and manufacture different kinds of items with qualities that are satisfaction guaranteed. Furthermore, our company is been in trading industry for more than 30 years. Throughout these years, our company dedicated a lot in the industry, not only domestic, but even foreign countries, by providing assistance to Taiwan’s small medium enterprises in exporting goods to foreign countries, as well as helping domestic companies investing in foreign nations, that is why our clients and partners still continuously give us supports and recognitions. Through this and by dedicating trading services to the industry, it is not just the market were expanded, it even speed up our company’s growth, and develop a prospect on making our venture even more competitive in the worldwide market.

For all these years, providing best qualities, credibility to our clients and fast services is our company’s philosophy. Besides, we even aided lots of domestic clients on developing new products and expanding production line. Not only we are aiding domestic companies to enter foreign markets, we are also building business alliance with other nations, successfully making business and economic ties with countries such as Oman, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Gambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Philippines, and other Middle-East, African, South American, and Asian nations. Through “Excellence”, “No.1 Quality”, and “Customer First” as our company’s spirit and driving factors, we constantly pursuits for new technology, marketable goods, and creating more business opportunities.

Due to worldwide environmental and health awareness, lots of chemical types of products were prohibited. With this, it causes a great impact on traditional industry. Through our expertise and advanced technology, our products are guaranteed made with non-toxic materials, especially in chalk items. In regards to future clients and business partners, we strongly believe through our distinctive technology and wide experience, outstanding quality, stability, and product durability, could create greater benefits and opportunities to your company and as well as to your country.

Our services are satisfaction guaranteed!

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